Silver Creek Animal Clinic LLC

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Silverton, OR 97381


Our Fear Free Approach

We understand that coming to the veterinarian may not always be your pet's favorite activity.  We are constantly striving to make our patients more comfortable as they receive the care that they need and deserve. The following programs may be right for your pet and are something that you may request when making an appointment.

  • Mobile (at-home) Services for your cat or dog - THESE SERVICES MAY BE IMPACTED BY COVID 19. PLEASE CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS. All of our veterinarians are available by appointment to provide as many services as are possible in your home (there will always be some things that must be done at the clinic due to equipment and staffing requirements). Many pets prove to be more comfortable in their regular environment. We can provide wellness care/vaccinations, nail trims, comprehensive physical examinations, and minor treatments. Additionally, when the time comes for an end of life decision, we can provide euthanasia at home. 
  • Our Comfort Room - some time ago, we converted a more typical exam room into a room that has some elements that your pet may recognize as being familiar, resulting in less anxiety.  While we do still have a stainless steel exam table for obvious reasons, it can be folded up against the wall, leaving just the area rug, end table with a lamp and "home style" seating to make this room feel like home. Several patients have exhibited reduced anxiety in this room.  It is also the room in which our acupuncture treatments are performed, and is the room we have available for that final goodbye with your pet. 
  • Our Cat Room - we also created a "cat only" exam room that has never even once been occupied by a dog. Its a smaller room and typically has "cat friendly" music (yes, it does exist) and dimmed lighting. The use of cat pheromones and Meowijuana (catnip) makes this room a popular setting for our feline patients. 
  • The use of Feliway and Adaptil pheromone products.  Using diffusers of these pheromones in strategic areas of the practice, using Adaptil sprayed bandanas on the collars of anxious dogs, and using Feliway sprayed cage covers or "snuggle buddies" inside cages has greatly reduced patient anxiety while in our facility.